RPMers were fully engaged by President Elect Aviv Palti and workshop facilitator, D9800 Vocational Service Chair. Warwick Cavell during a recent Strategic Planning session on February 5. To watch the recording of the meeting, click here 
Every participant contributed to discussion centred around questions relating to Where is RPM now? Where do we want to be in the future ? Why should we be a member of RPM ?  How do you want to get there?
At the end of the session we left with some important take aways; ideas that RPM might consider to develop and grow the Club in the future. 
  • Focus on ensuring that RPM has a good track record regarding our own projects. For example, RPM could complete 5-6 signature projects and ensure that these are marketed to Rotary and others so that the RPM brand becomes associated with its own successful/sustainable projects or
  • Focus on completing 5-6 signature projects as a Club or possibly in partnership with other Rotary clubs and/or organisations. Sew the seeds that we are a strong service focused Club with a mission to deliver excellent local & international projects with sound project management & governance.
  • Let the focus develop naturally or organically. Look to RPM members’ passions, their projects, the resources required to go with lots of projects, the need to consider if these projects have a big impact. How will these projects lift RPM’s Profile? Will they boost the club’s reputation?
  • On a practical note Aviv and Warwick confirmed we need to have some practical tools for project management as this is a RPM strength. A Project management template that everyone can use is very important. This also will give us an opportunity to discover everyone’s skills.
All RPM Members who attended agreed with Warwick’s recommendation that we now run our next Strategic Planning Day as an in-person event with our local members instead of Zoom. We are all looking forward to the next stage of RPM learning & development