It’s Rotary Vocation Month. Using our combined experience in teaching and administration , the RPM educators reached out to our In-Country Member Leopoldina Guterres & her colleagues at St Joseph’s High School in Baguia, Timor Leste to work together on the next stage of RPM’s Education Project. Another great video from Leo can be found here! 
Stage 2 of RPM's Education and Community Support Project is nearly ready to begin. RPM educators guided by School Director/RPM member Leopoldina Guterres joined with the Council of teachers from St Josephs to deliver the next part of our education project. RPM already has sent over musical instruments, laptops, sewing machines and sponsored textbooks. Also, a Baguia project partner, Days for Girls is focused on Menstrual Health Education and supplying washable feminine hygiene products for the Baguia female students.  Here is a snapshot of where we are now with the next stage of the project that involves  a scholarship program,  and distribution of Solar Buddy Lights to assist students study at night 
  • Finances. We have $1,484.00 in the RPM Projects Account from our fundraising efforts and $15,377.00 in the Baguia RAWCS Account, with thanks to a generous donor. Also, funds continue to be deposited into RAWCS from donors around Victoria.
  • Who receives a scholarship. Equal number of boys and girls where possible. Junior High School- 5 boys and 6 girls. Senior High School- 8 boys and 8 girls.
  • Candidate interviews are in progress. Candidates are required to tell us WHY they should receive a scholarship and WHAT type of community service they will engage in to give back to the community whilst at school.
  • Citizenship vouchers. A $1.00 voucher is awarded to students who demonstrate good citizen behaviour. This voucher will be spent on food at the school shop.
SolarBuddy Lights. This is a wonderful partnership through our RPM member, Russell Gauld. Solar Buddy sponsored 1500 Solar Buddy Units and sent them to Baguia. (Approximately AU$52,000.00 value) These lights enable students to study at night as there is no electricity in many villages. These are being distributed now! For more information on SolarBuddy visit their website -